Hello, I’m Sergio Herrera, the founder of Sergtec Corp. In my early years I discovered I had a natural ability to repair things. I repaired anything that broke around my families and friends homes. I fixed blowers, stove, washing machines, mopeds, garden equipment or just about anything that was broken that I could get my hands on.

At the end of my high school years, I think I was a junior, perhaps a senior, I landed a job as an airplane junior mechanic apprentice at a small rural airport. The job was challenging and demanded long hours but I thought my abilities were underutilized and wasn’t happy. After I graduated from high school, I wanted to do more of what I liked. Fortunately I started working in a small refrigeration and kitchen appliance service company in Corona Queens, New York, where I discovered my true passion for troubleshooting and repair. The experience I gained troubleshooting and repairing domestic refrigeration, Ice machines, window air conditioners and many major home appliances, left me with the desire to learn more. I just wanted to be a master in every aspect of this trade.

I attended an accredited trade school in New York City and completed the program with high merits. My certifications, knowledge and experience helped me secure a service professional position in a busy HVAC/R contractor service company in Queens New York. I serviced most of the company’s major clients. Among the most notable are the Board of education, the city hospitals and correctional centers. Once I mastered every phase a service journeyman could, I knew it was time to move on.

After hiring my expertise to many different companies in the HVAC/R industry, here in the US and the Caribbean, and with 28 years of commercial equipment, installation, maintenance, repair, estimator, coordinator, and supervisor experience, I was ready to call it quits. So, I did! That decision was short lived when a good friend and future partner, my wife and I decided that I could continue with my passion of troubleshooting and repair without having to hire myself. Using all my knowledge, our experience and passion we set out to build a better service company and in 2007, Sergtec Corp. was born.

In our short years of existence Sergtec Corp has proven to be a top contender for best of class in its market segment. Our goal is to respond fast to service calls and fix it fast. We want to be a reliable partner in those trying moments of equipment failure. We are a proud American corporation, women and minority owned and we strive in providing service excellence. Our sincere hope is that you give us the opportunity to serve you. We will do our very best to quickly and efficiently address any maintenance and repair issue you might be experiencing. Thank you for your business.